My experience with CLO2

My experience with CLO2 … Chlorine dioxide gas is easily available I consider that in essence it is not a dangerous substance and that it should be taken as all things with some caution. I have had the opportunity to try both substances, the one that comes prepared and the one that needs to be prepared, but the one that comes prepared is much more practical and easy to ingest. At the beginning, use an eyedropper and prepare it with water, (it should always be mixed with water!). You start with one drop in a glass of water the first day and the next day you will try two drops and the third with three drops and so on until you reach a maximum of eight drops in the bottle of water. Chlorine dioxide has no known major contraindications, unless it is taken with an anticoagulant medication there is no major problem. The CLO2 is not consumed daily unless you have a serious pathology, in that case 8 drops in a bottle of water are recommended for 30 days, or even the procedure changes in the case of serious pathologies, in that case it is necessary to observe the protocols indicated for each disease.

As CLO2 do not have contraindications personally, I usually mix them with flu, iboprofen, cloferinamide, when you have the flu or a cold. CLO2 is a very useful chemical in the house, it allows disinfection, it is even used to clean vegetables and fruit (mixed with water), it also helps disinfect water. You can mix a few drops of bottled water from time to time to use as prevention of any illness while you are on the street.

Do not take CLO2 immediately after the main meals or mix it with vitamin C as it loses its main effect.